Believe in Me…

“Believe in me.” Those were the words God whispered to me as I sat at the pond with the sounds of nothing but the wind, water ripples, and an occasional frog croaking.  I often go to the pond to think, write, get alone with God or to hear His voice. It’s my little sanctuary, right here at home. I had been sick all week and hadn’t spent much time with God other than begging him to please hurry up and heal me and my kiddos. I especially needed to be with Him and hear from Him that day at the pond. It seemed like forever since I had heard His voice or spent quality time with Him.

Now to be honest, the words “believe in me”  shocked me. I believe in God, not only do I believe in Him, I spend my life trying to follow him and reaching out to others to do the same. What does He mean, believe in me??? As I sat there a little puzzled by what I heard, I felt Holy Spirit begin to explain. While I believe in Him, I still struggle to believe what He will do in my life. I believe He can heal my mom, I believe He can take my friends music ministry to the next level, I believe He can do crazy amazing things in the lives of my Pastors, but I struggle to believe He will do what he says He will do in my own life. At times, I get excited about what he’s said he will do, only to find myself watering it down, making it easier to believe in my tiny mind. I have seen God do amazing things in my life that only He could do, yet I find myself struggling to think He could do it again.

Today as I was thinking about my struggle, God reminded me of Joshua in scripture. Joshua had seen God work around and through him time after time, but I wonder if while marching around the walls of Jericho, day after day,  he wondered if God would do it again? And then on day seven, after seven trips around the city with trumpets blowing, a blast on the ram’s horn, and the shouts of the people, the walls fell. God did it again!

What I noticed about Joshua as God showed me his story, was his obedience to every word God spoke. Because of Joshua’s obedience to what God said, God was able to use Joshua. Are you wondering if the walls will fall,  or if God’s going to do it again? Yes! God is ready and able to do crazy amazing things in your life and mine; our job is to believe what he says and to obey when he speaks. So, for now as you wait for the walls to fall, what is he calling you to do? Are you to keep marching, start shouting, or be silent? What are you being called to do while you wait?

One thought on “Believe in Me…

  1. Beau once said in a sermon to keep moving, keep marching, keep believing, keep fasting, and keep praying. I thought sharing this might help someone else.


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