At Just the Right Time

Christmas time! I bubble with excitement for this special holiday. I delight in being with our family and celebrating with friends, the gifts, the food, and the reading of scripture, which reminds us of the reason we celebrate. However, the anticipation of it all is torture for me. I am the wacky woman who puts up the tree on Halloween. Over the years we’ve created a slightly unusual Christmas tradition because of my impatience for Christmas. Are you ready for this? Please, don’t judge me, but in our home we celebrate Christmas between two and three weeks before December 25th. I know, I know, it’s hard to fathom such a thing. Trust me, we do plenty of celebrating on Christmas Day as well with our families. I just can’t handle the anticipation.

Some of you think we are nuts and it’s okay because we are. Perhaps you don’t celebrate a holiday two weeks early as we do, but I’m willing to bet there are some things you don’t like waiting on. There have been some things throughout your life you’ve anticipated and believed God for, but when it didn’t happen in your time frame, you abandoned the promise or the prayer. Maybe you even tried helping the process along, robbing yourself of a more beautiful blessing and robbing God of His glory. When we do that, we are in a sense telling God, creator of the universe, we know better than Him. God has a right time for everything, and He is standing at the end of our lives trying to direct our paths. He is yearning for us to believe Him for His promises, and for our prayers.

Isaiah 60:22, God told the prophet Isaiah, “I, the Lord, will bring it all to pass at the right time.”

Galatians 4:4, “When the time had fully come, God sent his Son.”

God has had a plan from the beginning of time, yet we dread His timing. But in all reality, shouldn’t trusting the one who is all-knowing give us comfort? I know how hard waiting can be. I too am waiting on God for miracles right now. I’d love some answers and for things to happen right away, but I’m learning to trust God’s timing more than I trust myself. God knows what we can’t see from our perspective, and He has a purpose in the middle of our wait, so please, don’t lose hope. God’s people waited centuries for the promised Messiah, and God delivered His Son at just the right time.

I don’t know what you are waiting on, but at just the right time, God will come through. God always comes through. Trust the one who breathed you into existence; He wants the very best for you. And in the process of waiting, go ahead and start praising Him for what He’s about to do.


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