Taste and See

I am what most would consider a bit of a picky eater. As long as I can remember that’s how I’ve been. Over the years, I’ve grown to like a few more things besides my go-to meals like pepperoni pizza and tacos. Because of my weird eating habits, people always try and fix me; they often say things like, oh you’ll love the way I make MY… And while I mean no disrespect,  I will have to taste it for myself. I mean, my fruits and vegetables include corn and potatoes, apples and pomegranates (although pomegranates are too time-consuming). Y’all, the food struggle is real for me. I like what I like and just because you say it’s tasty doesn’t mean I’m going take your word for it, I have to taste it for myself.

I’m sure there are some of you super healthy people out there reading this, thinking I need an intervention and some vitamins; truth be told, I probably do. But I am not here to battle my unhealthy eating habits but rather a spiritual one.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him! Psalm 34:8

Taste: Just as I have to taste food for myself, we also have a responsibility to taste the Lord’s goodness for ourselves. We are all responsible for our salvation, each one of us has to choose Jesus for our self. Just because I follow Jesus, doesn’t mean my kids are automatically secure in salvation, they have to make their own choice to love and pursue Christ. They have to taste and see for themselves. Try Him, spend time with Him, allow Him to lead and guide you and you will not walk away disappointed. Now I am not saying everything will be rainbows and goo goo clusters, and that there won’t be struggles sometimes. God’s word also tells us, in this world we will have trouble, and then it says, but take heart, I (Jesus) have overcome the world (John 16:33). Taste.

See: Now, like when I try something new, I then see or recognize the goodness. The next time I see that particular food, I relate it to good. Same way spiritually, once we taste the Lord’s goodness (and you will), we see it in Him. We begin to relate Him with goodness. That means even when our circumstances aren’t good, we see still His goodness. If you are allowing your situation to determine God’s goodness, could it be you’ve not yet tasted of Him? He is good no matter what we feel or may be facing. See.

The passage goes on to say Happy is the man who takes refuge in Him! Have you lost the joy you once had? Often when we are going through things, if our eyes aren’t fixed on the right things (God) we tend to lose our joy. David understood this too well; He was in a terrible situation when he wrote this verse. Life was a wreck, men were hunting him, trying to kill him, it was one bad situation to the next (1Samuel 19-22), yet he reminded himself and us of God’s goodness, that there was still happiness to be had for those who seek refuge (shelter, protection, safety) in the Lord. When we hide ourselves in the Lord, in His goodness, we find joy, we find happiness despite our circumstances.

I don’t know where you stand with the Lord today, but if you don’t know Him, I encourage you to taste and see His goodness. God has enough grace to cover anything you think will hold you back, taste and see. Or, maybe you do know the Lord, but your life is a wreck right now, and everything seems to be falling apart right in front of your eyes. Can I encourage you to find shelter in the Lord, let Him be your happiness and joy in the middle of the mess. God is working in your situation, and that should make you happy.


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