Our Future

Like every September eleventh, I sat remembering my first-hour math class, replaying the image of the airplanes as they hit one building after another. I remember the heartbreak and shock I felt watching people jump from the windows of the Twin Towers as they had no other way out. I remember the worry that rushed over me as a senior in high school about to enter the world that was being threatened before my very eyes. September eleventh is a day that I will always remember. It’s a day I take time to talk about each year with my children, still taking a moment to pray for the families of the lost, loved ones and thanking God for the heroes of that day. This year, like most years, I pulled up a speech online given by President Trump from the fields of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the crash site of United Airlines Flight 93. The stories he told were tear jerkers, to say the least. He told story after story of loved ones calling their families from the plane to say “I love you” one last time. He told stories of miracles that only God himself could orchestrate. Like how a woman asked for only one thing, her husband’s wedding band from the wreckage. It seemed impossible she would ever see it again as it was like hunting for a needle in a haystack, but she knew too well the power of prayer. Years later, to her surprise, she was greeted at her front door by a man holding the wallet and the wedding band of her late husband (insert sobs). President Trump also spoke about a time when everyone, despite their color, race, or background, came together as a unified country. But one thing in particular that President Trump said grabbed ahold of my heart and I wrote it down. He said, “America’s future is not written by our enemies.”

I have read and reread this statement. It’s a beautiful statement full of truth and encouragement as we continue to fight for our country and our freedoms. But if I may, I’d like to replace President Trump’s words with my own. I would have to say to you, “Our future isn’t written by the enemy.” I understand all too well how Satan loves to convince us we’ll never be anything, do anything, go anywhere, and that we have no future. He likes to cause us to question the goodness of God and the plans He has for us. But there is one thing he can not do, and that is to rewrite our future! Satan has no authority to revise what God has already written. He may try to convince us to doubt God and His plans. He may quietly and slyly whisper lies to you like: you’re not enough, and God couldn’t possibly use you. He’ll remind you to look at what you’ve done, or where you’ve come from. Or he’ll tell you that you’re not smart enough or strong enough. Then we begin to let the enemy inside our head, and we begin to doubt the future God has written for us.

Friends, let’s not allow Satan to steal the future God has already written, the future that’s waiting for us. We are created by God and for God and He calls us worthy, enough, loved, accepted, child, and friend. I know it’s easy to say these things, but harder to believe them. If you’re not convinced that He loves you and has a future for you, I encourage you to get into God’s word. You will find all the truth you need tucked away in the pages of His word.

Your eyes saw me when I was formless; all my days were written in your book and planned before a single one of them began. Psalm 139:16


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