This, is Easy

I sat complaining and whining to my gracious mother on the other end of the phone line. It had been a super sad day in all areas adulting. I’m pretty sure I griped about anything I could possibly think of as she kindly encouraged me, probably hoping we’d get disconnected and she could have her day back. Ok, that’s probably not true, but I’m very thankful for a momma who listens and encourages me even if she may need the encouragement herself. We eventually hung up our phones as I laughingly made the comment, “I’ll gripe at ya later!”. I was keenly aware that’s pretty much all I had done.

As my day went on, the discouragement I was feeling lingered right up till that evening. After dinner, I had sat down on the couch with my journal and Bible thinking I needed to dig in, but feeling like I’d rather do anything else. I was frustrated and disappointed by the way things were going. Especially by how the dream God had given me was not playing out the way I expected it to. It’s been a year since He whispered the idea to me and I thought surely we’d have some real progress by now. But instead, I feel stuck, struggling to see the dream.

So there I sat, Bible and journal in hand, they were practically begging me to open them. Eventually, I gave in, knowing if I’d just seek God I’d surely find some encouragement. I started by venting to my journal like I had my poor momma. Thankfully, like mom, my journal never seems to mind. And to my surprise, as I begin to pour myself out before the Lord, He began to listen. I often wonder how long it will take before I really understand and believe He wants to help me, encourage me, rescue me, and love me through these things. I’m always so surprised that He cares so much although He’s never given me a reason to believe otherwise. Crazy, right? So here I am, emptied of myself and praying for a word of encouragement as I open my Bible. And there it was, tucked just a few short verses into my reading, I found the reassurance I had needed. I found a sweet reminder from the Lord.

This is easy in the Lord’s sight. 2 Kings 3:18a

The Lord heard my cry, and He saw my struggle. My struggle to believe He was capable of delivering on His word to me. From where I sit lately it appears He’s forgotten about me and the dream that He gave me. The vision I didn’t ask for yet carry around with me now. He understood that the task at hand seems impossible. He understands my fear of lack in the situation, and so He reminds me that what I’m facing, well, it’s easy for Him. It may not look easy from where I sit, but it’s nothing that one word from His mouth can’t accomplish.

I may never know what discouragement or disappointments you may be facing. Perhaps it’s because of health, finances, relationships, or maybe you too are staring at a fading dream, hopeless for God to revive it and revive you. Whatever it is you’re facing, be encouraged to know that this is easy in the Lord’s sight and He won’t let you down.

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