Faithful and True

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but YOU are the only person who can stop God’s plan for you. Wow, what a way to jump right in there with such a heavy thought, huh? I apologize, but I want you to really grasp this thought.

You don’t have the ability to stop anyone else’s plan or purpose, only yours. And don’t misunderstand me, God’s big enough to do whatever He wants and needs to do, but He won’t force himself into your life. He wants your love for him to be genuine. Just like you want those who you love to be genuine about their feelings for you.

If I learned anything this past year, it’s this simple thought that God is faithful to keep His promises over my life. He will always keep His word, but when I begin to doubt His trustworthiness, I begin to lose sight of the vision set before me. If I’m not careful I start to forfeit the plans He has for me. And the thing about God’s plans for us is that His timing and His ways often don’t seem doable to us. We are a hurried people, and often times our rushing causes us to doubt God’s ability. We get stuck in thinking it must not be God because things aren’t happening quickly enough. Oh, how I’ve been there every other day for a solid year now. But let me remind you (and me) of this: God’s faithfulness is not measured by a clock. And we must make a choice: either we let God be God and believe in what He says about us and His plans for us, or we keep playing god only to forfeit the goodness that the faithful God has for us.

This year has been a struggle for me to believe what God says about me and the plans He has for me, but I am determined to keep moving forward. I choose to trust in Him and His word over my life. Maybe there is something God promised you long ago and you since lost sight of it, or maybe you’ve been in the way of letting Him work in and for and through you. I encourage you today, stop looking around at all the reasons why it won’t work or can’t happen, close your eyes and see the vision, hear the words spoken, and believe again.

For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. Psalms 33:4


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