It’s not about YOU.

I know I’ve said it more than once, but I am a dreamer. God has given me BIG dreams that I can never accomplish without His mighty hand in the middle of them. I love that He’s put these dreams inside of me, entrusted them to me, but I am sure of something, He made you a dreamer too. HE created each of us with a purpose and a dream. Maybe for you, it’s writing a book, becoming CEO of a big-time company, being a homemaker, pastoring, singing, or becoming a baseball star. We ALL have or have had a dream at some point or another. Sometimes our dreams get buried under our burdens, but they are always there. But with all this in mind, I want to challenge you with this statement:

God’s big dreams for us, are not about us at all. -Kyle Idleman

Say what? The dreams God’s given me aren’t about me? Nope, not at all! They are about God and bringing HIM glory. Remember, they involve us, but they aren’t about us, as Pastor Megan Norman likes to say. God gives us BIG, impossible (without His intervention) dreams to chase, not because we’re better than the next person, or more qualified. Most often it’s the opposite. He gives us BIG dreams to chase because He understands that greater glory will be brought to Him. David was a little shepherd boy, and great glory was brought to God as a little shepherd boy defeated a giant and eventually became King. Moses had speech problems yet led an entire nation. Joseph had a big dream, however spent time in slavery and was wrongfully accused and thrown into prison. In the end though, taking a position that saved his family and brought GREAT glory to God.  God purposely chose you for YOUR dream, so if you are feeling less than qualified, it’s because you are, but God is more than qualified, and through you, HE will gain great glory!!!

If our dreams aren’t about us does that mean God won’t bless us? Not at all, God wants to bless us. But blessing hinges on our obedience to Him and His will for us. God longs for us to live a full life in Him, but don’t mistake His BIG dreams for your BIG glory. God’s desires for us are not about us. It’s about Him, and along the way, with obedience and a humble heart, God WILL bless you too. He will cause favor to pour out in your life for your humble obedience to HIM.

So whatever dream God has purposefully put inside of you – chase that thing down. Bring our King BIG glory. Follow God’s heart for you, even if it sounds insane (and sometimes it will). Don’t sit back because you’re afraid to fail, or afraid you aren’t what God is looking for. The all-knowing knows what He’s doing, and He’s picked YOU out of billions of people. So set self aside, face some giants (the bigger the giants, the bigger the glory) and bring GOD glory!  

For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen. Romans 11:36 NLT

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