“Cassie Downs’ writings are engaging and applicable. Her scope of influence is broad, engaging men and women at various ages and life stages. When speaking, Cassie shares her experiences and heartfelt passion, to convey the message of a living hope and how to live a successful life devoted to Jesus Christ.”
~Pastor Megan Norman

“What can I say, Cassie is a wonderful, real, and a down to earth speaker. She uses real-life examples and stories, making it easy to relate. She is inspiring, encouraging and full of knowledge and information, making you want to dig deeper and learn more. Cassie is funny, witty, and has a great love for people and the Lord, and you can see it clearly through her speaking. She is awesomesauce!”
~Angie Chism

“I know Cassie personally and get to hear her speak often. Whether Cassie is speaking to five people or fifty, she always adds a personal story to everything she teaches. I personally love how I can connect to her and the story, in that way.”
~Angela Rogers