GIRL, I AM PUMPED to spill ALL the beans when it comes to my favorite thing to do, TRAVEL.

Beautiful views of Molokai, HI during my mommy/ daughter trip with Annah to Maui, HI in 2018.

I struggled a little at first to mention this topic because you obviously follow along with me because we talk JESUS, like A LOT! And I sure never want to steer you away from HIM. BUT with that being said, I assure you that EVEN travel and Jesus can collide.

So before I give you all the deets on how to book your next vacay super cheap, let’s look at why in the world God would care about your travels.

  1. Jesus cares about what we care about because He LOVES us! So if we care about traveling the world and seeing HIS beautiful creation, He cares about it too!
  2. I am a firm believer that we are to be good stewards of God’s money, and these tips I’ve learned will help you take beautiful trips while stewarding your finances well.
  3. God loves it when we honor a time of rest in our lives, and vacation is a beautiful time to do that. There’s a heavy weight that’s lifted when you travel for a week/weekend/overnight and leave all the stresses of life behind and connect with God.
  4. Family matters to God, He ordained it. And when you get away from it all to create memories with the ones you love, I believe God smiles on it.

And I must add, there are countless opportunities to travel and spread Christ love at the same time. Mission trips are a great way to do both, and HELLO, we are HIS light to the world, so love people as you GO.

Ocean kayaking off the coast of Maui, HI (2016) right before seasickness took over… YUK!

Now, with all that being said, if you are interested in my travel tips for booking your next trip, or want to find out how I booked our family (of five) trip to Kauai, HI for ONLY $5700, Click HERE!

I can’t wait to hear from you <3, Cassie

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